A “winning mentality” is not something you hear often in a kitchen or in hospitality departments across Kansas City, but our pursuit of excellence is a mindset to be the best in everything we do. This comes from our Sporting Kansas City culture and the visionary leaders who focus on details, experience, performance and results on and off the pitch.


Under the Sporting Club Events moniker, we produced successful events and grew the business year over year. But something was missing. We were limited to our own venues, using third party operators that provided limited growth and not truly operating out of our own kitchens. We were hard-pressed to find others who strived for the best and did not just settle on a “good enough” mentality for event experience, and that did not sit well with who we are and what we do.


It was only fitting that we took a long, hard look at our performance. We reevaluated, restructured and rebranded the team and the entire hospitality department. We wanted to incorporate our vision for excellence—our desire to be the best, not just on our turf but also on yours. We are talented culinary experts, detail-obsessed experience managers and memory makers.


Now we want to share with Kansas City, our city, the pride we take in each of our crafted and cultivated events. We are in this together, bonded by a commitment to be the best. We are City Foods & Events, a competitive culinary and events team dedicated to setting a high bar and delivering the greatest experiences in Kansas City, Major League Soccer and beyond.